Vodacom OneNumber Terms and Conditions

A.    General Terms and Conditions

1.       The Vodacom OneNumber service is available to Vodacom contract customers only [contract refers to post-paid subscribers and does not include “top up” or “prepaid” subscribers].

2.       The service is available to new and existing Vodacom contract customers.

a)       To  subscribe to the Vodacom OneNumber service, you will need a compatible device [i.e. phone] and wearable [i.e. smartwatch]

b)       The wearable [i.e. smartwatch] or phone may be sourced through Vodacom [or bought from another provider within the OEM approved region].

c)       The Vodacom OneNumber service may only be activated as an add-on to an existing primary [Contract].

d)       Only one smartwatch/wearable may be linked to the service at a time.

3.       Signing up to the Vodacom OneNumber service, does not amend or extend your existing Contract with Vodacom. The two-service are independent of each other, where your main contract terms and conditions govern the relationship between the two services.

4.       Business or enterprise customer will have to follow existing or agreed to processes when requesting the service to be activated.

5.       When signing up for the Vodacom OneNumber service, you will be billed a

a)       Once off activation fee of R98.00 (incl. VAT) and

b)       A recurring monthly service fee of R25.00 (incl. VAT) service fee on a monthly basis

c)       Both the activation fee and service will be added onto your monthly bill.

d)       Regardless of the day within the month when the Vodacom OneNumber service was activated, the full activation or service fee will be billed accordingly, [i.e. no proration based on when the service was activated]

e)       In an instance where a Vodacom OneNumber promotion is available.

·         Vodacom may at its own discretion waiver the activation fee [R98 (incl. VAT)] and monthly service fee [R25 (incl. VAT)] for a predefined period [i.e. three months]

·         Where the monthly service fee [R25 (incl. VAT)] will apply after the promotion is terminated.

·         The promotional waiver will apply to customers singing up for the service for the first time, existing customers will not qualify for the promotional discount.  

B.    Pre-Activation Terms and Conditions

6.       You may only have one multi ring [i.e. eSIM/Twin Call] functionality on your account/profile at a time.

7.       Should you wish to swap between Multi ringing services, Your Active service will have to be deactivated in favour of the new service being activated.

8.       Voice over LTE (VoLTE) will need to be enabled on your profile.

9.      QR Code Activation method (Samsung Galaxy Active)

a)   Any smartphone that has Bluetooth capability and is able to run the “galaxy wearable” app [which is downloadable from any of the play/app stores].

b)   Downloading of the galaxy wearable app onto the phone is the responsibility of the customer.

c)   Required/Compatible Watches

    Samsung Galaxy Watch 1 LTE/eSIM

    Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 LTE/eSIM

    Samsung galaxy watch3 LTE/eSIM

d)   In order to have the service activated using the QR code method, you will need to visit one of our Vodacom Shops, where an agent will assist you with activation.

10.  On Device Activation method (i.e. Apple Series GPS + Cellular Watches)

a)   You will need to have an IPhone 6S or above to utilise the service.

b)   The phone will need to be running the latest operating system

c)   Required Watch(s)

    Apple Watch Series 3 GPS + Cellular

    Apple Watch Series 4 GPS + Cellular

    Apple Watch Series 5 GPS + Cellular

    Apple Watch Series 6 GPS + Cellular

    Apple Watch Series SE GPS + Cellular

d)   The watch will need to be running the latest operating system

e)   The below Apple Series model number will not work on Vodacom’s network

    Apple Watch Series 5

o    Model A2094 (40mm)

o    Model A2095 (40mm)

    Apple Watch Series 4

o    Model: A1975 (40mm)

o    Model: A1976 (40mm)

    Apple Watch Series 3

o    Model A1860 (38mm)

o    Model A1861 (42mm)

o    Model A1890 (38mm)

o    Model A1892 (42mm)

f)    To sign up for the Vodacom OneNumber service

    Your phone and wearable will need to be synced via the “Apple Watch App”

    The Vodacom OneNumber sign up page is only accessible via the “mobile data” option on your phone.

g)   When connecting through the “mobile data” option, the following information will be collected from your device(s)

    Cellphone number

    Phone Details

o    Make and model

o    IMEI details

    Watch Details

o    Make and model

o    IMEI details

h)   Based on the above collected information, Vodacom will do the necessary checks to make sure you have the required device(s) and contract.

i)    Based on the above checks, if you

    Don’t meet the qualification checks, you will be advised accordingly

    Meet the qualification checks; you will be presented with the Vodacom OneNumber sign up page.

j)    You will be required to log in with your Vodacom website or Vodacom App credentials.

k)   During the activation period, you will lose data connectivity for a period up to 120 seconds

C.    Post Activation Terms and Conditions

11.    Once activated, the service may be canceled at anytime.

12.     To cancel the Vodacom OneNumber service, where the service was activated through the:

a)       QR Code Activation method (i.e. Samsung): You can visit any of the Vodacom Shops or dial Vodacom Customer Care on 082135 or Vodacom Business on 0821940.

b)       On Device Activation method (i.e. Apple): You will need to log into the Vodacom OneNumber service page and cancel using the self-service deactivation functionality.

13.     Upon the cancellation/deactivation request being received/initiated,

a)       The Vodacom OneNumber service will be cancelled immediately where:

b)       You will not be billed for the service from the following month and

c)       You will not be able to use your wearable/watch for any cellular-based service; you will only be able to use bluetooth-associated services.

14.    In the case where your cellphone account is suspended by Vodacom due to a billing query:

a)       The Vodacom OneNumber service will be suspended as well. 

b)       The service will be reactivated only after agreed billing query requirements have been fulfilled.

15.    Should you delete or remove the Vodacom OneNumber service from your wearable or phone, Vodacom will continue to bill you for the service as this method does not constitute a cancellation of the service with Vodacom.

16.    All cellular traffic consumed by the wearable [i.e. Watch] will deplete from the main cellular allocation, this applies to both in bundle and out of bundle usage.

17.    Multi-ringing won't work when the subscriber is traveling internationally [i.e. roaming] even though the main device will continue to work as per roaming business rules [where the device will utilise bluetooth capabilities]

18.    In the case where you as a customer change from a traditional contract/post-paid service to top up contract or prepaid, the Vodacom OneNumber service to be cancelled on the day of the conversion.

19.    In the case where you move within the different contract/post-paid price plans [i.e. upgrade], the Vodacom OneNumber service will be retained.

20.    Where you contract reaches maturity [i.e. end of term], the Vodacom OneNumber service will remain in place unless deactivated based on your request

D.    Device Management

21.    Where and when a Sim swap is done on the primary device, the Vodacom OneNumber service will be retained at contract level and on the wearable.

22.    Where and when the main primary phone is:

a)       Lost: you will need to contact Vodacom to blacklist the primary phone, where the Vodacom OneNumber service will continue to be available on the wearable.

b)       Damaged: the Vodacom OneNumber service will continue to be available on the wearable, unless a request is received for the service to be cancelled.

23.    Where and when the wearable is:

a)       Lost: you will need to contact Vodacom to blacklist the device and have the Vodacom OneNumber service deactivated.

b)       Damaged with possibility of:

·         Recovery: no action required [unless if required by you as a customer to have the service cancelled].  Note: where the service is reinstated after a cancellation, you will be liable for the activation fee and continued service fee.

·         No Recovery: you will need to contact Vodacom to have the service deactivated.

24.    Where and when as a customer would like to:

a)       Swap your wearable: You will need to cancel your initial service and reactivate the service with the update devices.

b)       Give your device away: You will need to cancel/deactivate your subscription to the Vodacom OneNumber service, to allow the other person to pair wearable with their own phone.

c)       Move from an apple device to an android-based device or vice versa: You will need to cancel your initial service and reactivate the service with the new device.

E.    Terms and Conditions management

25.    Vodacom reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions and when such changes are material, Vodacom will provide prior written notice of such a change or amendment.