Daily Data Bundles

Get Internet today from only R5 for 20MB.

  • Browse affordably.
  • Connect with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Avoid the stress of bill shock.

To get Daily Data Bundles

Dial *135# and follow the prompts.

Terms & conditions apply 

How do I get Daily Data Bundles (or Internet Daily)?

  • Ensure that you have sufficient airtime.
  • Dial *135# and follow the prompts to purchase a Daily Data bundle.
  • To check your balance after buying the bundle, simply dial *135# or send an SMS with “balance” to 136.


Please note:

Prepaid customers cannot purchase Daily Data bundles if they have another Broadband Standard or Broadband Advanced data bundle active. A customer can purchase unlimited Daily Data bundles. A customer with active Daily Data bundles cannot purchase a Broadband Standard or Broadband Advanced data bundle until the Daily Data bundle has been fully consumed, or the validity period has been exceeded.

Top Up Customers cannot purchase an Daily Data Bundle if they already have an active recurring / month-to-month data bundle regardless of whether or not their data has been depleted. Top Up customers can only purchase a Daily Data bundle if their once-off data bundle has been depleted (Broadband Advanced or Broadband standard) or if they are on My Meg 0. 

If you don’t have a browser to access the Internet, or if you’re looking for one that saves you money, consider using Opera Mini:

  • It compresses data, which reduces browsing costs and allows you to browse faster.
  • The download is FREE and you only pay for data usage.

OPERA to 31116 (FREE) and click on the link sent to your cellphone to begin the download. Once downloaded, Opera Mini automatically installs.

How much does it cost?
BundlePrice MB rate (In-bundle) Out Of Bundle Rate (Prepaid)Out Of Bundle Rate (Hybrid) 
 20MBR5 25c R0.49R0.49
 250MB R27  10c R0.49R0.49