Data Sharing SIM

Share a data bundle between your devices.

Data Sharing SIM
  • Get up to four additional data SIM cards linked to your primary contract.

  • SIMs can be used simultaneously in your smartphone, tablet and laptop.

  • Receive a consolidated bill at month-end so there’s no messy admin.

  • Pay R25 monthly per SIM on a voice plan. On a Red plan? Get your first two Data Sharing SIMs FREE!

  • Pay R25 monthly per SIM on a data plan.

To get Data Sharing SIM

Visit a Vodacom Shop


 Call 082 135, FREE from a Vodacom cellphone.

Terms & conditions apply

What is Data Sharing SIM?

Data Sharing SIM lets you use up to four additional data SIM cards - all linked to your primary voice or data contract - in different devices, making it easier to manage and ensure that you never run out of data on your tablet, router and dongle.

These SIMs will use data from the same bundle and will be billed on one invoice.


Who can get Data Sharing SIM?

Vodacom Contract customers can get additional Data Sharing SIM cards linked to their existing voice or data contracts.

Why should I use Data Sharing SIM?

Additional data SIMs are not dependent on each other

They can all be used at the same time regardless of the cellphone or device that is being used.

Receive only one invoice

You will revieve one consolidated bill for your primary and Data Sharing SIMs.

No new contract required

Simply add Data Sharing SIM to your existing 24-month data, month-to-month data, 24-month voice and month-to-month voice contract.

Data Sharing SIMs will use the same bundle

Additional SIM cards will consume data simultaneously from the same data bundle associated with your primary contract. Log in to top up with data


How do I get Data Sharing SIM? 

Additional data SIM cards can be bought at your nearest Vodacom Shop.

There are two ways to activate this service:

You will need proof of ID when activating the service in-store.


How much does Data Sharing SIM cost? 

Terms and conditions apply